The Holly Springs High School Band Program consists of three concert band programs: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and The Wind Ensemble.

The Concert Band

The Concert Band was the first indoor ensemble established in 2006. The group remains the entry ensemble to the Holly Springs High School Band Program and is the general path for band students unless through an audition, they are placed in the Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble. Students work to bridge the gap between their middle and high school training, improving their fundamental skills. The ensemble primarily performs music on the Grade III level. The Concert Band has earned Superior Ratings at the North Carolina Music Performance Adjudication four times in six appearances.  This ensemble is FULL YEAR and is an Academic credit course.


The Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band was created in the fall of 2013, as the program’s intermediate ensemble after the Concert Band had grown to over 85 members. The student will have the opportunity to advance in individual technique and grow in musical experience and concepts in preparation for more in-depth study.  This ensemble requires an audition and has performed music on the IV and V level. The Symphonic Band has earned Superior Ratings at the Music Performance Adjudication five times in six appearances.  This ensemble also earned a SUPERIOR rating at the Charleston Music Festival Invitational in 2018.  Symphonic Band is FULL YEAR.


Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is the most advanced ensemble in the band program. This ensemble requires an audition. Created in 2008, the group has placed many members in the All-District, All-State, and Bands of America Honor Bands. In addition to this, several members study privately and perform with various community honor ensembles. The serious music student will explore the art of music, from the classical “standards” by the master’s to pieces by contemporary composers.  The student will learn advanced technique and musical concepts.  The Wind Ensemble performs music routinely on level VI and Masterwork lists.  The group has earned Superior Ratings at the Music Performance Adjudication eight times in twelve appearances.  This group commissioned and premiered “On Golden Wings” by Michael Oare in 2016.  Additionally, the ensemble was selected to perform for the 2020 North Carolina Music Educator’s Conference and the 2020 Grand National Adjudicators Invitational in Atlanta.  This Ensemble is FULL YEAR and is an Honors Credit Course.



Syllabus: Band –  Beginning to Intermediate
Syllabus: Band – Intermediate to Proficient