All-District Results

On Saturday,  63 of our band members auditioned among 1500 students from the Central District for inclusion in the 2017 All-District Bands.  The following members earned spots.  We also placed a few at the top of the alternate list as well.  Special distinction went to Courtney Cook, who qualified to audition for the NC All-State Band.  This marks the 10th time in the last 11 years that we have had a member qualify for All-State.  All results are live an posted at

11/12 Wind Ensemble

Ayman Bejjani – 9th Chair Clarinet
Joshua Krovetz – 7th Chair Trumpet
Carter Shore – 5th Chair Horn
Courtney Cook – 2nd Chair Snare Drum* (All-State Qualifier)

11/12 Symphonic Band

Anna Southwell – 6th Chair Clarinet
Cate Southwell – 9th Chair Clarinet
Tori Mitchell – 1st Chair Alto Saxophone
Will Melfi – 4th Chair Alto Saxophone
Troy Vulpis – 10th Chair Trombone
Jennings Dixon – 3rd Chair Tuba
Marcus Valone – Trombone

Top 4 Alternates

Marcus Valone – 2nd Alternate 11/12 Trombone
Gabe Chenevert – 3rd Alternate 11/12 Oboe
Jamie Zurek – 3rd Alternate 9/10 Oboe
Allison Schaefer – 3rd Alternate 9/10 Bass-Clarinet
Grace Zinnecker – 3rd Alternate 9/10 Horn
Alex Wysocki – 4th Alternate 11/12 Bass-Clarinet
Daniel Stephens – 4th Alternate 11/12 Horn
Daylee Stratford – 4th Alternate 11/12 Tuba

Michael E. Biasi
Director of Bands