Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 15
 Quote of the Day – 
Homework for all – Practice your instruments for GHR pass-offs, scales,  music rehearsed in class.
 1. HSHS Band Disney Trip is on its way to becoming a reality.
2. GHR Mini-Camp this Saturday; Dinner will be served, pack a lunch.
3. Fittings for Concert attire/ladies today
4. Call backs tomorrow for GHR
5. Switching visual day to tomorrow due to weather.  Music Rehearsal in the Band Room.

Happy Birthday –  

Concert Band – 1st Block

Breathing Exercises

Scale Warm-Ups; Some instrumentalists are struggling with dual octave scales.

Reviewed definitions for: Time Signature, Staff, Bar lines, Measure, Clef

Symphonic Band – 2nd Block

Breathing Exercises

Long Tones – F, Eb Concert

Practice Ab Concert Scale

I Recommend – p. 5, Sleepers Awake

And the Angels Called – mm 109-144

Solo v.s. Ensemble playing

Define – Role, Style, Note Length, Voulume

Wind Ensemble – 4th Block
P. 10-11 quarter note = 66
Scales in Rhythm
Molly on the Shore – Beginning to m. 123
Discussed solo v.s. ensemble sound and roles
Marching Percussion – 4th Block

Inside due to the Weather