Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 10
 Quote of the Day – Forever is composed of nows – Emily Dickinson
Homework for all – Practice your instruments for GHR pass-offs, first scale test, music rehearsed in class.
  1. Round I call-backs will be posted this weekend.
  2. Disney Intent and $100 deposit is due on Friday, September 16.
  3. GHR third fair share payments were due on September 2.  Everyone should only have a $100 balance on their account.  Remember, your account must be current in order for you to participate in the September 30 performance.  Please contact Ms. Scott or Ms. Sabatelli, if you need financial assistance.
  4. For those attending the NC State Band Day, on September 17, please let Mr. B know by 2:30 pm (google doc.), so that we can insure your uniform will be ready for pick-up.
  5. For those taking the PSAT, please fill out the google doc.
  6. GHR – Mvt. 3 is completed.
  7. Open House performance tomorrow.  Ready to go by 5:15.  First game attire.  We will conclude by 5:45.
  8. Mini-Camp – September 24 from 7:30-7 pm.  Attendance is required.

Happy Birthday –  Kirsten Strickland, Symphonic Band flutist

Concert Band – 1st Block


Worked with brass players on how to properly begin an entrance.

Balance – volume of the band should equal that of the tubas and baritone sax.
Reviewed the various colors of the band.
SR – O Thou Joyful Day – Tone and Technique
Symphonic Band – 2nd Block
 Movement III music –
Long Tones – F, Eb, Ab Concert
Reviewed Concert Db Scale and solfege tones for arpeggio
I Recommend – p. 28 #20
And the Angels Called – 45-107
 Wind Ensemble – 4th Block

P. 10 – quarter note = 60

Took 1/2 hr. to complete
Concert Db-D in All-District Rhythm – quarter note = 72
Listened to Jupiter and Children’s March
Marching Percussion – 4th Block

Continued work on Mvt. 1 and 2